• March 7, 2023

Livebox 5 flashes white How to fix the problem

Livebox 5 flashes white: How to fix the problem ?

The front of the Livebox 5 is equipped with 3 lights indicating the status of the internet service provider (ISP). These LEDs are supposed to be orange. If they flash white, the equipment indicates that the connection is not working properly. This problem is nevertheless quite common.

Therefore, you will be able to solve it easily in most cases.

What is the Livebox 5 ?

The Livebox 5 is a modem-router from Orange launched in October 2019 for its fiber optic offer. It allows access to the operator’s services (internet, TV and telephony), by Ethernet cable or wifi, from any connected device. This internet box is defined by its ultra-fast speeds, its intelligent wifi and its eco-friendly manufacturing method.

The replacement for the Livebox 4 is also distinguished by its compact and sober design. On the other hand, the device has 3 LEDs instead of the front screen of its elder brother. These lights show the internet, wifi and phone connections are working properly when they are orange in color.

On the connectivity side, the device integrates 4 Ethernet 1GbE ports, 2 FXS ports (telephony) and a USB 2 port.0. The local network is also IPv4 and IPv6 compatible, just like most competitors’ modems. Thus, the box allows to adapt to the needs and habits of users.

It has also been designed to offer maximum comfort to connected families.

Why the Livebox 5 is flashing white ?

By flashing white, the Livebox lights indicate the appearance of a problem affecting access to the ISP’s services. The phenomenon occurs most often with the LED associated with the internet connection. However, it can also affect the other two lights.

The flashing light allows you to identify the affected service and to make an initial diagnosis.

Your box is having connection problems when the corresponding LED is blinking white. You will quickly recognize it thanks to the internet symbol, in the shape of a globe with a grid. In this case, you should no longer have access to the web, regardless of the device used. The opposite is rather unlikely, but still possible.

You will have to ask your operator to revise the box.

If you have connection problems, the anomaly is not electronic and has nothing to do with the device. You will have to focus on the connections and possibly the configuration of your installation. In fact, the light indicates that the modem cannot connect to the Internet.

You should therefore first check the connection of the cables to the network.

How to remove the white flashing of my Livebox 5 ?

If the Livebox 5 flashes white, the first solution is to review all your connections. You will need to check that :

  • The optical cable is properly connected to the box port and to the wall socket;
  • The optical terminal has not suffered any physical damage;
  • The fiber and power supply lights of the box are on (for equipped installations);
  • The two ends of the Ethernet cable, at the fiber box and the box.

If the problem persists, the second step is to connect the optical cable to the rightmost socket of the wall device. Wait about 2 minutes, then check the color of the network light. The light should then turn orange.

If it continues to flash white, it is probably necessary to reset your equipment.

The reset allows you to restore all the modem’s default settings. This way, you will cancel the modifications of options and other bad manipulations. These different operations can indeed cause disturbances of various services of the box.

Therefore, you can solve the problems caused by these errors by returning to the original configuration of the device.

Meaning of the other lights

The flashing of the network light of the Livebox refers to a problem of connection to the Internet, independently of your profile. However, you have an additional solution if you have an Airbox Confort Pro. In this case, you can connect the Airbox to the Livebox 5 by USB.

You will then be able to report the incident in the “Test and repair your services” section of the Orange Pro application.

If the network and telephony LEDs are flashing white, you will need to enter your login information to restore the connection. It is indeed an authentication error. The problem is located here at the box level, unlike the Freebox blocking step 3 . This is usually due to a malfunction of the line and not of the modem.

The subscriber will then have to turn to Free to reconnect to the network.

If all three lights are flashing white, you should call 3900 and ask for technical assistance. This signal results in a malfunction of all Orange services on the installed equipment. In other words, the box does not allow you to use the network, the wifi or the phone.

This is a breakdown that requires the intervention of technicians.

Our opinion on the Livebox 5

Thanks to the shared stream, the Livebox 5 promises up to 2 Gb/s in reception and 600 Mb/s in transmission. Users must however use adapted terminals to be able to benefit from this theoretical flow. On the other hand, the ISP has avoided other compatibility concerns by sticking to the wifi 5. Competitors are rushing to the wifi 6. To stand out, Orange has relied on the intelligent wifi that automatically adjusts the settings of the wireless network.

In addition to the choice between the 2.4 and 5 GHz band, the box optimizes various parameters to reduce external interference. You also have access to an administration interface to configure the wifi, set network restrictions, control connected devices… Finally, the Livebox 5 stands out thanks to its TV set-top box with 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos technologies.

Beyond its technical features, the device is made of 40% recycled plastic and is more energy efficient. It has reduced the carbon footprint by up to 29% compared to the old generation of Livebox. Efficient and ecological, the box is perfect for connected and eco-responsible families.