• March 6, 2023

How to Play Modern Geek Craps

How to Play Craps ?

Fast-paced and exciting, Craps is a must-play game in land-based and online casinos. The roll of the dice traditionally crystallizes the essence of the game of chance. However, you must know the rules to win. With a good foundation, you will be able to minimize the risks.

You will then improve your chances and winnings by mastering the subtleties of the game.

What is Craps ?

Craps originated in the United States and is a popular dice game in North America. It is one of the most popular games in the online casino platform Canada. You can also play Craps in most land-based casinos across the Atlantic.

On the other hand, this money game remains unknown to French players. However, the situation is changing with casino gaming sites.

Craps is played against the casino by rolling two six-sided dice. The sum of the two faces that come up will determine the outcome of each roll. Depending on the numbers, the outcome may mean that :

  • If you win, you will be paid according to your stake;
  • Your stake is lost to the house;
  • The move is void and will have to be replayed, without touching the bets on the table;
  • The result is suspended and requires another roll. This time, players will be able to move certain bets as appropriate.

What are his rules ?

The Craps rules Are the same in land-based or online casinos. On gaming sites, virtual dice are only rolled by a program that generates random combinations. You can still position yourself as a dice shooter to place bets.

In any case, the results are still based on the sum of the numbers on the top sides of the dice. If you get:

  • 7 or 11, you will win, if you play as a shooter or if you bet on Pass ;
  • 2 or 3, you lose all your bets, if you are the shooter. You win, however, if you bet against the shooter and bet on Don’t pass;
  • 12, the move is considered as null. The shooter does not pass and loses the bet, but can roll the dice again. You also lose, if you bet on Pass. Conversely, you win if you bet on Don’t pass ;
  • 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, you make a Point. You will have to roll the dice again until you get the same amount.

In this third case, you win your bets if you manage to repeat the Point, even after several throws. You lose if you roll a 7 before the expected amount.

How to Win at Online Craps ?

You must If you are a patient Craps player online and hope to win. Online casinos use random number generators (RNGs). Despite their complexity, these algorithms are supposed to meet certain standards, especially in terms of payout ratio.

You can use the probability for each position.

You have the advantage especially on the Pass line, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t come and Free odds bets. Indeed, the casino’s odds are relatively low:

  • Pass line and No odds: 1.41%;
  • Come line and No odds: 1.41%;
  • Don’t pass: 1.36%;
  • Don’t come: 1.36.

The house advantage is even zero with the Free odds bet. This is a Lay bet, if you bet that the 7 will be released before the Point. Effectively, the casino does not make a profit on this extra bet.

However, you must pass the first pass to access this bet. In addition, the amount of these Odds bets is often limited to twice the bet on the Pass line.

Your payout will then depend on the Point obtained. It is generally : 2 against 1 for 4 and 10; 3 against 2 for 5 and 9; 6 against 5 for 6 and 8. To win at Craps, it’s best to bet little on Pass and Don’t pass, then bet the maximum on Free Odds or Lay. This strategy will help reduce the casino’s advantage and increase your chances of winning over time.

What other games are similar ?

If you like play Craps, you will be immediately seduced by the dice game called Chance at some online casinos. You will notice several similarities between the two. This game is frequently referred to as the origin of Craps. The latter can be considered the American variant of the game of chance in question.

However, be aware of the differences between the two games.

Sic Bo is also similar to Craps in terms of the gameplay. You must bet on the numbers that will come up. However, the shooter uses 3 dice instead of 2. You have one chance to win your bet. In addition, the outcome is different for small and large bets.

There are also other games that are quite similar to Craps internationally, such as Klondike, Chuck-a-Luck or Banca Francesca.