• February 6, 2023

How to choose a call to action Actualite-EN

How to choose a call to action ?

Content is very important in a digital marketing strategy. Indeed, it is necessary to attract many visitors who are naturally interested in your domain through your message. However, visitors should be converted into customers in order for your efforts to be successful. Your goal is to get them to go to this step because the purpose of a blog, a page or a website is to encourage visitors to buy, download, subscribe or request a quote.

Thus, to push the Internet users to make this action, it is important to use a well adapted and appropriate technique. One of the most used techniques is the insertion of call-to-actions in the right places in the messages. This will provoke in the users a desire to interact. But how well choose a call to action ?

What is a call to action ?

First of all, it is important to know what call to action actually means. A call to action is a message, an image or a button whose role is to encourage Internet users to perform a specific action. Indeed, the targeted action can be adding an item to a shopping cart, subscribing to a newsletter, requesting a contact or even downloading a given application.

It is therefore very important to know that the call to action plays a key role in achieving the results you want to have from your web pages. The call to action is therefore the element that catalyzes the effectiveness of your web pages. Therefore, it is imperative to work very well on the calls to action that you have planned for your site in order to obtain the expected results.

What should a call to action contain ?

The formulation of the call to action The use of these words has a profound impact on the adherence and reaction of visitors to your message. To do this, you must formulate your call to action using words that will add value to the message. Indeed, you must never lose sight of the objective of a call to action, which is nothing more than to convince your targets. Thus, they will be able to correctly execute the actions you ask them to do.

The content of the call to action is therefore very important in order to catch the visitors.

It is then necessary to focus on words that are capable of adding value to your calls to action. Among these words, it is necessary to find words such as free, want, save, need or win. Thus, you can formulate your call to action messages as “download a free application”, “save up to 70% on your purchase of a given product” or “join our 450,000 customers around the world” and many others.

In a call to action, it is often recommended to use words that evoke urgency such as “Today”, “Before”, “Finish”, “Now” or others. In this case, the formulation of calls to action is as follows: “Complete your purchase…”, “Order today…” or “Register now…” and many others. However, you can use words that allow you to justify your call to action.

Among these words, you will find “get”, “find” or “why”. Thus, through these words, powerful messages such as “Why not boost your earnings ?”For example, “get a free offer…” or “find the best offer here” are written for visitors. With these different messages, you send good reasons to your visitors to take action.