• February 3, 2023

Why have a blog on PrestaShop Euresa System

Why have a blog on PrestaShop ?

Many e-merchants intuitively launch a blog with their online store. However, they give up quite quickly when they discover the personal investment required by the project. This second point of contact allows to establish an emotional relationship with the public and to improve the notoriety of a brand.

These conditions are decisive to acquire and retain customers in the long term.

Why have a blog on PrestaShop ?

A PrestaShop blog will optimize the referencing, increase the traffic and improve the reputation of your e-commerce site. How to ? The content of the blog will be indexed by search engine robots. Thus, you will be referenced according to the keywords and topics present on the platform.

You will then create traffic to the store with useful themes for potential buyers.

By staying on PrestaShop, you can easily enrich the links pointing to your site from the blog. However, inbound links have a significant impact on the natural referencing (SEO) of your store. You will succeed in improving simultaneously the visibility and the number of visits of both platforms. In addition, the blog will offer you the status of an expert in your sector.

It is a great SEO asset.

The best blog modules for PrestaShop

You currently have a multitude of modules for design a PrestaShop blog. To find them, go to the CMS Addons Marketplace. These extensions are usually paid. Nevertheless, they offer an excellent quality-price ratio.

On the other hand, these expenses are put into perspective by the potential gains due to the improvement of your online visibility.

If you already have a blog, you can link it to your store and integrate it into your PrestaShop SEO strategy. This feature covers famous blogging CMS such as WordPress or Joomla. For this action, you just need to add the external blog as a sub-folder or sub-domain.

You can then link to your site the contents of this discussion space.


Prestablog is the preferred module for users wishing to create a blog on the e-commerce platform. Natively responsive, this addon is as efficient on PC as on mobile. It can be easily integrated to all the templates of the CMS since version 1.6.

Moreover, the plug-in allows you to optimize your SEO and your visibility on all search engines.

The blog module was designed by the PrestaShop developer community. Thus, you will benefit from a particularly reactive user support by opting for this addon. You can get an answer in less than half a day even on complex projects.

You will also have at your disposal a complete documentation to familiarize yourself with this tool.

Blog is a creation of ETS-Soft proposed on the official platform of addons of PrestaShop. The tool is often classified as an SEO module because of its advanced features in this area. Moreover, the optimization performed covers all current search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).).

With this module, you can grant privileges to certain customers by allowing them to become authors on the blog. This option helps both to animate your community and to reduce your editorial work. You can also delegate the management of comments from other visitors to these authors.

Your blog will be more dynamic and better referenced with its many social interactions.

The best blog modules for PrestaShop

Professional Blog

Thanks to this module, you will be able to take advantage of features of a professional blog on the domain of your store. Indeed, you will not need to install another CMS in subdomain. This simple structure is generally appreciated by visitors and search engines.

Thus, you have an SEO friendly blog.

You will be able to publish various content related to your catalog on this part of your main domain. You will eventually build your brand identity and maintain a close relationship with your customers. This is good for your traffic and your search engine ranking.

Business Blog Pro

Business Blog Pro was created by HiPresta. The module stands out by its professional design contrasting slightly with its ease of use. In addition to text content, it allows you to publish images, slideshows, videos and sounds.

The tool is also compatible with Creative Elements. So you can easily edit your posts by drag and drop.

On the other hand, the blocks allow you to optimize the organization of the site. These elements can be added to the sidebar of each blog page. Visitors will be able to navigate quickly between categories, authors, tags, etc.

You also have a specific block for your internal search engine.

Amazzing Blog

This turnkey module has been developed by the PrestaShop community. It allows you to build a modern, efficient and SEO friendly blog directly on the store. Moreover, the user interface is easy to use and integrates with all the themes of the platform.

On each publication, you can add as many images as you want. These visuals will be automatically resized to standardize your content and speed up the loading of your blog. The management of comments is also simplified to the maximum and includes automatic notifications from moderators.

Thus, you will be informed in real time of the activities on site.

How to create an efficient PrestaShop blog ?

You must avoid beginner’s mistakes to create a PrestaShop blog effective. Indeed, the CMS modules already offer a good basis to ensure the success of your site. However, you risk driving away visitors by reducing your blog to an advertising platform for your online store.

It should however be a useful and pleasant discussion space.

A blog is supposed to offer interesting and enriching content to the readers. As an e-merchant, you can focus the thematic field on your domain, without promoting your products. You will nevertheless manage to subtly lead visitors to your merchant site with guides, tutorials, practical advice, etc.