• January 27, 2023

4 fireproof products for reception areas

4 fireproof products for reception areas

A reception place is intended to receive the public and your responsibility as a professional is engaged. For this, it is advisable to take several precautions to ensure the safety of those present. C’It is valid for the reception halls as well as for the places of spectacles and ceremonies general public.

D’where the need for’Use fireproof products to reduce the risk of damage.

Fire retardant fabric

L’The use of fabric is almost essential for the success of the decoration’a reception place. In general, these fabrics are made of a highly flammable material that is a hazard to the ceremony space. To mitigate the risks of’SICM offers fireproof decorative fabrics that are a real combination of safety and aesthetics’aesthetic.

The fireproof fabric is made fire resistant by the technique of “fireproofing”’impregnated with a non-combustible product. This process is governed by safety standards and used to control the size of the stageôthe flammable elements such as nylon, polyester and other synthetic materials.

L’The use of this element allows you to avoid the risk of fire’have a secure decoration. A fireproof product reduces the spread of flames. These products are in full compliance with insurance and legislation.

The fireproof carpet

For a reception area that will receive many people, you must find the best compromise between resistance, aesthetics and security. Most sellers of fireproof carpet offer different colors and styles of this product so that your guests feel welcome’It can be a good idea’adapt to your needs’any decorating scheme. Whatever the colors of your decoration, you benefit from the adapted carpet and the fire safety to remain in conformity with the standards in force and to protect your guests.

flame retardant fabrics

The fireproof stage curtain

If your venue has a stage, we recommend that you use it’opt for a fireproof stage curtain. This element is part of the largest fabrics in the world’a reception area capable of relaying the fire. By opting for fireproof curtains, you will have a reduce the risk of fire’fire.

When ordering, do not hesitate to contact us’Do not hesitate to ask for a custom made curtain. You will have to provide the dimensions of the stage. You will then avoid the stage curtains that go in all directions and that could hit a lit candle.

Fireproof wall cladding

Whether it is for the’organization of’For a wedding, any ceremony, you need to have a fireproof carpet’a birthday party or anniversary’For any ceremony, you must pay attention to all the details, especially at the level of the decoration. Your customers should feel welcome in the best possible conditions. Opt for gray and dull partitions n’It’s not a good idea to use fireproof products to protect your guests.

We recommend a fireproof wall classified M1, a standard that guarantees resistance to flames. You can find this type of’wall cladding in all colors. As for the curtains, n’do not hesitate to ask for custom-made for a seamless decoration of your reception area.

Colors and styles should not be the only criteria to consider when choosing your decoration elements. Consider now choosing fireproof products to reduce the risk of fire’inflammation.