• January 26, 2023

Herezie agency behind Vileda’s new music ad campaign

Herezie agency behind new Vileda music ad campaign

As we all know, cleaning our house or apartment is not the most fun part of our day. Nevertheless, this is not a reason for this one to be the worst, and this is what the Herezie agency intends to make us understand thanks to its new advertising spot produced by the Vileda brand, specialized in the manufacture of cleaning products and equipment. Focus on the innovative and offbeat strategy of independent agency Herezie.

A commercial that makes you want to get off the couch

Far from simply introducing us to the new cleaning equipment from Vileda, the commercial imagined and produced by the Herezie teams looks more like a extract from Danse avec les stars than an episode of TV shopping. In this clip, we find Erik Cavanaugh, dancer, choreographer, but also and especially famous candidate of the’show America’s got talent, the American version of “La France a un incroyable talent”.

During its appearance on the show, Erik Cavanaugh had created the buzz by surprising the jurors and by showing that one could perfectly execute a classical dance choreography without corresponding to the physical standards of this discipline. A truth that he demonstrates once again in the Vileda ad, in which we see it cleaning up your entire apartment while dancing happily.

As always with Herezie, the recipe for success is complete: the commercial is well shot, the shots are pleasing to the eye, the Vileda equipment is perfectly showcased and the dancer’s movements definitely make you want to place an order and wander around your living room with our brand-new rotary mop as your only partner !

Targeting millenials by following the #CleaningTiktok trend

If the independent agency Herezie has the merit of know how to position themselves on many different markets and almost always succeed in creating original campaigns, it is undoubtedly when it comes to conquering the hearts of millenials that this one excels. Indeed, the commercial for Vileda is far from being shot at random: it corresponds in every way to a trend that is gaining ground on the web, that of filming oneself cleaning various items.

This may seem strange at first, but it is. For years now, the videos called “satisfying invade the web. Among them, videos of hydraulic presses crushing all kinds of objects, pictures taken at the perfect moment, but also… videos of cleaning ! And yes, what could be more pleasant than watching a blackened driveway regain its original color, or a beautiful car be rid of the accumulated grime ?

This universe, certainly atypical, is that of #CleaningTiktok launched by Herezie. On this social network, which now has more than a billion users, there are thousands of videos of people filming themselves restoring the original appearance of everyday objects, and it works: the views explode, users appreciate it and also want to tidy up their homes… with Vileda equipment ! The loop is closed.

Targeting millennials by following the #CleaningTiktok trend

A new hit for the Herezie agency ?

Visible since October 18 in the Ile de France only, the video posted on Youtube by the agency Herezie already counts over 4,000 views. A great success that undoubtedly announces that this campaign will be talked about when it will be available everywhere in France, but also in about fifteen other European countries, from October 25.

A result far from surprising when you know the of the independent agency Herezie which, since its creation in 2010, has never ceased to surprise advertising professionals with ever more original campaigns.

The latest: the making of a series designed only to be broadcast on Tiktok ! Composed of 12 episodes of one minute each, the series Cit├ęs created for Amazon Prime Video featured a group of young friends determined to reappropriate France’s cultural heritage. These videos published on the VOD platform’s account are still accumulating views, and it doesn’t seem to stop any time soon !