• January 25, 2023

Cybersecurity 8 Android applications to uninstall as soon as possible

Cybersecurity: 8 Android applications to uninstall as soon as possible

If you are an Android user, this article might be of interest to you. Indeed, several French users have been confronted with a hacking of their bank data. No less than eight applications available on the Google Play Store are said to be the target of a particularly powerful malware, called Joker.

Joker, the terror of Android

Already well established in the United States, the account hacksBanking apps are now coming to France. This time it’s the Android users who are paying the price for Joker, a dangerous malware which targets several applications downloadable from Google Play Store. This dreaded virus harvests your bank data and debits money discreetly.

Many people could be affected since the targeted applications have been downloaded more than 700,000 times around the world. These are mainly tools used by the general public, dedicated to photo editing or keyboard backgrounds. Good to know: as of today, Google Play Store no longer offers these applications for download.

The list of applications infected by the Joker malware

If you are an Android enthusiast, the first thing to do is to Immediately uninstall dangerous applications of your phone:

  • Studio Keypaper 2021
  • Hit Camera Pip
  • PiP Editor Camera
  • Super Color Hairdryer
  • My Favorites up Keypaper
  • App photo Editor
  • Super Star Ringtones
  • Daynight Keyboard Wallpaper

Other malicious applications had also escaped Google’s surveillance in March 2021. We also invite you to remove them from your Android phone for safety:

  • QRecorder
  • eVPN
  • QR / Barcode Scanner MAX
  • Pacific VPN
  • Cake VPN
  • eVPN BeatPlayer
  • MusicPlayer

How do I know if I’m affected by this hack ?

After uninstalling all the above-mentioned applications, the second thing to do is to check your banking history. Remember that the Joker malware is smart and acts very discreetly to steal your data. This virus is for example able to subscribe you to different services charged via your SMS and to place itself as an intermediary to block the receipt of a confirmation message.

You won’t receive any notifications related to this subscription and you will be debited with mysterious payments.

Did you have one of the applications infested with this malware in your phone ? Have you ever been confronted with a hacking ?