• January 20, 2023

How to create an anonymous Twitter

How to create an anonymous Twitter account ?

Twitter is an excellent communication channel to follow the news in real time on any type of connected terminal. Indeed, the platform is used by stars, politicians, journalists, influencers, institutions, brands… Your data is however more exposed to the risks of leaks and thefts on a social network. However, you can protect yourself by creating an anonymous account.

How to register on Twitter without giving your phone number ?

There is no specific procedure for creating a Twitter account without a phone number. All you have to do is to open a new profile and indicate an email instead of a phone number. With an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) or Android device (smartphone or tablet), you must notably :

  • Download and install the application from the App Store or Google Play Store;
  • Launch the application and touch Create an account on the home interface;
  • Fill out the form displayed in the Create your account section with the requested information, except the phone number ;
  • Select the line Use email under the phone number field to replace it with your email address;
  • Click on Next after verifying the information provided;
  • Customize the account by checking the desired options and validate;
  • Click on Register to confirm the creation of the account;
  • Enter the verification code received by email;
  • Create a password with at least 8 characters;
  • Upload a profile picture from the device’s gallery or leave this customization for later by choosing Skip for now ;
  • Write a short biography of less than 160 characters (optional) ;
  • Allow Twitter to read your address book through the Sync Contacts option (optional);
  • Check the boxes corresponding to your preferred languages;
  • Indicate your interests (optional) ;
  • Choose among the suggested subscriptions (optional);
  • Touch the Go button to finalize the operation.

You are now a member of the Twitter network, even if you did not give your phone number. The procedure is the same on a computer from the Create your account step. This section will be displayed as soon as you press the Register button from a web browser.

Why does Twitter ask me for my phone number? ?

On Twitter, the phone number helps authenticate users and validate profiles. It is used in particular to verify sudden changes in account behavior. In case of suspicious activity, the platform will immediately send a text message to the phone number provided during registration.

Your account will be blocked in the meantime.

To reopen your profile, you must follow the instructions provided in the alert message. You can also receive the notification by email, if you chose to enter your email address when creating the account. In this case, just follow the link in the body of the message to confirm your identity.

The social network will allow you to access your profile again after this verification.

If you ignore the alert, your account will remain locked until the connection is authenticated. The problem can not go unnoticed as the Twitter shadowban. However, your profile will not be deleted. The site has implemented this measure to distinguish human users from bots.

Therefore, it is important to give your phone number or email address to the company.

How to find the IP address of a Twitter account ?

The IP address of an Internet user is in principle confidential. However, you can get this information by using a specific tool and by prompting the user to expose himself. Concretely, you have to start by finding a suitable tracker on the web.

It is better to use tracking platforms to take advantage of simple and often free services.

How do I manually configure a VPN on Windows?

In general, this type of site allows you to generate a unique link to attract the target person. However, this redirection must lead to an existing content so as not to arouse suspicion or evoke a phishing attack. The goal is to forward the link to reveal the IP address linked to the Twitter account.

You will then be able to identify the user’s corporate network or location.

However, the bait links usually mention the name of the tracker. This default setting may alert your interlocutor. That said, you can hide the domain name or brand identity by using a shortened URL creator. The maneuver will be more discreet and more effective.

Once the URL is generated, you just have to integrate it in a direct message on Twitter. The target will show their IP address by following the link sent.

How to find a Twitter account with an email address ?

Twitter makes it easy to find and add people from the emails in your address book. To find your contacts from a browser :

  • Log in to your Twitter profile and open the Who to follow section of the home screen;
  • Click on Find people you know to access the Find friends section (the option is also accessible from the Settings menu) ;
  • Choose Upload contacts, near your email service ;
  • Enter your login and password for the email portal;
  • Press Allow to let Twitter use your address book information;
  • At this stage, you will discover the contacts registered on Twitter ;
  • Select Follow All or click Follow each time to become a follower of a particular user.

From this screen, you can also invite contacts who are not on Twitter to join the platform. However, you will need to send invitations in person via your email service.

How to create a private Twitter account ?

When a Twitter profile is created, it is public by default. You can then change this setting after opening the account. To do this:

  • Go to your Twitter account and press the Profile icon at the top right, near the Tweet button;
  • Choose Settings and Privacy from the drop-down menu;
  • On the displayed page, select Privacy and Security in the left column ;
  • In the Privacy section, check the Protect your Tweets box;
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, then click on Save changes ;
  • Fill in your password and finish by clicking on Save changes.

After this operation, you will have a private Twitter account. Only your followers will now have access to your tweets. In addition, your messages will not be retweeted or referenced by search engines.

This setting has no effect on screenshots.

How to sign up for Twitter with a nickname ?

You can sign up for Twitter using a nickname. The procedure is the same as the classic way to create an account on the platform. This time, you will provide a nickname or a fancy name instead of your real identity.

However, the dedicated field displays a 50 character limit. You must respect this limit to validate your username when you register.

On the other hand, the site systematically verifies the credentials provided during the account opening. You will have to find another nickname, if the one given is already used by another member. The platform usually gives suggestions related to your initial choice to make the process easier.

After creating your profile, you can change your name or nickname at any time. Just go to Settings and Privacy, then open the corresponding section. You will also be informed if your new nickname already exists on social media.

In any case, this change will not affect the account history and the number of your subscribers.