• January 19, 2023

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How to make a live on tiktok ?

In a few years, TikTok has become one of the most popular applications in the world. The social network has even become a serious competitor to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Beyond its basic concept, it owes its phenomenal success to its ability to adapt to the expectations of the public.

Thus, the platform has quickly adopted the live format to the delight of its community.

What is a live TikTok and what is its purpose ?

A live TikTok is a format that allows the user to broadcast a live video of 3 to 10 minutes. It will then be able to interact in real time with the members of its community. In short, it is a livestreaming on TikTok. This generic term allows the feature to be recognized on other platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn..

For TikTok, the idea is to recreate the “magical” side of live online. A show helps to bring the artist and the fans closer together. In addition, it unites viewers and strengthens their commitment to the brand.

This phenomenon can also be observed during exchanges between the public and authors, actors, directors… Similarly, TikTok Live allows to tighten the links between a content creator and his community.

Requirements for a live TikTok

Above all, you must be over 16 years old to be able to make a Live. However, a minor cannot yet monetize his account, if he wonders how to make a living with TikTok . The gifts are only accessible from 18 years old, either for sending or receiving. Beneficiaries can then convert them into real money.

On their side, subscribers are supposed to buy gifts beforehand with the virtual currency of the platform (TikTok Coins).

To make a live TikTok, you must also respect the rules and conditions of use of the social network. The site prohibits gift extortion, identity theft and other frauds. Finally, the application will only display the live option if you have gathered the required number of subscribers.

Fraud in this area is also subject to account deletion.

Warn your audience of an imminent live

Since the addition of the live option, TikTok has provided various recommendations to allow you to take full advantage of its potential. The network encourages users to offer live broadcasts on a regular basis. Through these appointments, you will be able to animate your audience and build loyalty. This approach also allows you to evaluate and continuously improve your notoriety.

The platform also advises to use teasing and to warn members when a live event is approaching. By creating anticipation, you can increase the enthusiasm and engagement of your community. The countdown timer has been designed for this purpose.

In addition, you have a feature dedicated to the announcement of lives. Users will be able to register, get information or receive notifications about the event.

Start your live broadcast

If you have met all the conditions, you can access the live option by touching the “+” on the home screen. You should then see a live button at the bottom right of the screen. If not, you have not met all the criteria set by the site.

It can also be a sanction following a violation of the terms of use of the social network.

In any case, you will be invited to give a title to the live after pressing the dedicated button. Give preference to a clear title that evokes the subject of the live. This will allow users to anticipate what topics will be discussed and join a live stream that may be of interest to them.

Finally, press the GO Live button to start your live broadcast.

Interact with your audience

During the live, users can comment, send gifts and ask you questions. You will be able to answer live, if you have activated the question and answer option. In this case, the questions will scroll on a dedicated interface.

The application will then pin the question you’ve decided to answer to the screen.

From time to time, it’s a good idea to start the live stream before the announced time to encourage your audience to stay connected. You will facilitate the exchanges with the first users following your direct. This method is also rewarding for the most engaged subscribers.

That said, you should not use it systematically. You risk cancelling the showcase effect of the process.

Moderate your TikTok live

Moderation is essential to maintain a friendly and civilized atmosphere on social networks. Before the broadcast, TikTok will invite you to moderate the live event yourself or to call upon a moderator of your choice. The latter will then be able to mute or block users disrupting the live stream.

When you launch the live, you can also disable comments or filter certain keywords in the Settings tab. This automated moderation covers up to 200 keywords. Plus, you can always add more keywords during the broadcast.

Is it possible to rebroadcast or record your TikTok live? ?

At the end of the live, the platform allows you to download the live or to replay it on your news feed. You will be able to inform users who have not followed the event. If they were numerous, take the time to ask yourself “At what time should I post on TikTok ? “. The replay is also an excellent way to tease your next live.

To upload the video, go to Settings, Privacy, then Live Broadcast. Then, simply download the desired live broadcast. TikTok keeps live recordings for 90 days for moderation purposes.

During this period, you will be able to download or publish replays of your lives.

How to make a TikTok live if you have less than 1000 subscribers ?

Your application will not display the live button until you have at least 1000 subscribers. If you want to do a live broadcast, you will have to exceed the threshold set by the social network. To do so, the safest solution is to improve your videos and publish your content regularly.

You can eventually increase the number of your subscriptions.

Today, there are also services allowing to buy views, likes and subscribers on TikTok. However, this solution may lead to the closure of your account, if the provider does not provide real subscribers. Nevertheless, reliable actors offer real followers thanks to their teams, testers, partners..

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