• January 17, 2023

Why and how to buy your Chinese smartphone on the internet

Why and how to buy a Chinese smartphone on the internet

In the world of mobile telephony, there is a distinction between the two’On the one hand, the big brands such as Apple or Samsung, which all compete on price, are not the only ones’a minimum of several hundred dollars’You may have to pay an additional customs tax to receive your smartphone, or you may have to choose low-end brands such as Microsoft, HTC or Wiko, which are much more affordable but whose quality sometimes leaves something to be desired. Between the two, Chinese smartphones such as those from Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor or OnePlus manage to display affordable prices while maintaining a decent quality.

Why and where to buy Chinese ?

There was a time when consumers were reluctant to buy Chinese products with the argument that the quality of the product was not good enough’was not at the’call, preferring to spend a fortune on big brand phones like Apple or Samsung. D’Others still preferred to turn to a French brand like Wiko – until the end of the year’to what’They discover that’it does not’it’s not really. But in recent years, Chinese markets have evolved and, in the world of cell phones in particular, we now find products with unbeatable value for money.

“But,” you may ask, “where can I buy a Chinese phone? ? “. Of course, we don’t have to worry about that’We’re not going to ask you to travel to China to go to a local phone store. Fortunately, the internet is there to save you the trip. However, as with most online purchases, you should follow some basic guidelines that will avoid unpleasant surprises.

What criteria should be respected when choosing a video?’buying my smartphone ?

Many online stores offer multiple models of Chinese smartphones at low prices. However, it is important to be careful when selecting a site. Indeed, there are also many unscrupulous sites that sell you a phone without any guarantee.

When selecting a site, be careful to choose a site that guarantees several points:

  • delivery times: if there is no indication of delivery times, you will have to pay for them’is brought to this subject, the delivery can sometimes take several months ! Check that the delivery times are correct,
  • Customs taxes: once again, if you don’t find any indication about this, it’s not really a good idea to use the “What?’You may have to pay an additional customs tax to receive your smartphone. In general, if the customs taxes are included in the price, the suppliers do not hesitate to ask for a refund’to boast about it. This is not’However, this is not a generalization and the forums of the Internet are not very well known’Consumer opinions can enlighten you more on this subject,
  • Secure payment method: as for any online purchase, make sure that the payment is secure. Failure to do so could make you regret it,
  • guaranteed delivery and tracking: make sure that the delivery is guaranteed and that you have the necessary information’in case of failure, the product will be refunded. The road is long between China and France and there are many steps where the package could get lost. Also, a tracking of the package is preferable in order to keep track of its routing,
  • If you don’t know how to use the service, please consult the after-sales service terms and conditions. If you don’t know’don’t find it, it’s’is surely that’it does not’There is no such thing, which represents a risk for you. However, be aware that’in case of malfunction, the cost of the service will be borne by the user’shipping will probably be at your expense.

Which brands to choose ?

There are many brands of Chinese smartphones at competitive prices. The best known in Asia is probably Xiaomi, a brand that is seriously starting to compete with Apple in India and China. The Redmi Note 4X, for example, offers very good value for money.

In Europe, we are more familiar with the Lenovo and Huawei brands, which are even beginning to be sold in cell phone stores, whether at SFR, Orange or Bouygues Telecom. But Huawei’s growing fame also drives up the price of its phones, while Lenovo still struggled to maintain its quality of operation until’to the relaunch of the brand after its acquisition.

On the side of OnePlus, we keep prices quite reasonable while increasing the power: the OnePlus 5 was indeed the most powerful phone in the world at its release, while remaining targeted to the general public. An excellent value for money despite a simplistic design.

When it comes to Honor, the brand aims for the lower end of the market’The prices are very attractive for very simple terminals limited to the Internet’essential, as smartphone Honor 6A.

Now all you need is a phone’to choose the low-cost smartphone that suits you best, keeping in mind to make your purchase safely.