• January 9, 2023

Applications to earn money by walking

Applications to earn money by walking

Applications are currently promoting their services through a user reward system. The most common device, Pay to Earn or P2E, is present in many online games. It allows you to receive cryptocurrencies for each game played.

Sportsmen are entitled to a similar solution, the Move to Earn or M2E. A name that can be translated as “move to earn money”. It may seem unlikely, but there are applications, in this case step counters, that allow you to make some money by simply walking.

How walking can make you earn money ?

Popularized by Twitter before the “bear market crypto” broke out, the concept of making money while walking is becoming more and more widespread. To be paid through a pedometer application, it is necessary to use a pedometer’is relatively simple. In any case, we don’t ask you to run a marathon of several kilometers. The app simply allows you to make money on the trips you make on foot every day. The system of these M2E apps is usually based on a playful blockchain.

The technology is independent and allows, as the name suggests, to store and transmit data in the form of blocks.

In concrete terms, the system uses the same programming as for P2E video games. In other words, you are rewarded with NFT tokens, tokens convertible into cryptocurrencies. You can then use your cryptocurrencies to make purchases.

You can also exchange them for cash with a specialized provider. On some applications, it is possible to exchange them for sports items or merchandise.

To earn maximum money, you can use several M2E applications at the same time. It’s also recommended that you have a smartphone that you can set up so that the tools activate as soon as you start walking.

However, it is important to take into account the configurations of each application to get the most out of it. If the principle of operation is the same, with the fact of walking as a counterpart, the system of remuneration differs from one application to another.

What is the best application to earn money while walking ?

Find in this ranking the most popular and most reliable M2E applications. It is important that you choose the ones that best fit your daily habits. Also, make sure that the app features are compatible with your smartphone’s operating system.

The principle of operation of these tools of a special kind is quite simple. You have to go from a starting point A to a destination B. Before choosing an application or applications, you should consider your usual routes to earn the most money possible. Choose those that pay for the frequency and distance of trips.


On PlayStore, Sweatcoin is presented as an innovative pedometer application. To find it on the app manager, just search for “Sweatcoin (SC)”. This activity tracker was created in 2016 by British developers. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, it is accessible to the general public.

There is however a paid version.

The cryptocurrency granted by this platform is sweat, a cryptocurrency present on the market since 2022 and worth 0.017 €. You get one every time you reach the 1,000 step mark. The reward can be doubled if you choose the paid version of the application. The platform knows how to seduce, promising that you can earn up to €10,000 if you use the activity tracker daily, over 18 months.

You don’t know how to convert sweatcoins into euros ? Rest assured, the application has an option where you are directly in classic currency.

Some forums find Sweatcoin to be a more intuitive app than others. Its main advantage is that it does not require the purchase of adapted shoes or other NFT accessories.


Runtopia is also one of the most popular M2E applications at the moment. The tool is designed to track your movements, whether you’re walking, jogging or walking to the local supermarket or grocery store. It also has real-time audio support.

The trips you make on foot are rewarded with Sports Coins. This cryptocurrency is convertible into traditional currency on PayPal, but also into membership products or coupons. For this, you need to refer to the e-wallet available on the application.

But there is not only the financial aspect. Runtopia is also a practical tool to help you stay in shape every day. The application offers various stretching and warm-up movements, but also a program for weight loss.

Runtopia also keeps you informed of your performance. The application provides detailed information such as the number of steps taken or the amount of calories burned. The free version offers satisfactory options to start using this tool.

A subscription is nevertheless necessary to access all the programs available on the application.


Stepbet makes people who like to be challenged happy. With this application, you get paid when you reach your target within 6 weeks.

The principle of the application is a bit peculiar. Indeed, the amount of the remuneration depends on the amount you bet at the beginning – the initial bet is 40 € minimum.

If you reach your goal within the time limit, Stepbet will give you a bonus in addition to the reward for your daily exercises. Even more motivating, you only have to reach your goal once to get your entire stake back.

PK Rewards

PK Rewards is for people who like to work out in groups. This is what makes this application so special. The “group training” option is not mandatory.

PK Rewards tracks your movements in the same way as other apps.

Naturally, the more physical effort you make, the more money you earn. The application rewards you with cash or prizes. It can also offer you sports articles, the supplier of the tool being in partnership with many shops that sell these products.

PK Rewards is also associated with the Amazon marketplace. This means that your reward can be one of the products available on this platform. Finally, you can also win one or several trips in exchange of your physical activities.


The name of the application is very explicit: the tool allows you to earn money by walking. Its creators promise users not only gift cards, but also items from well-known sportswear brands.

Winwalk works by associating the sensors of your smartphone with the GPS of the device. The application tracks your daily exercises remotely. It calculates the number of steps you take, the distance covered, the duration of your effort and the number of calories burned.

Winwalk takes into account the steps you take indoors. You get a reward for every 100 steps you take. In one day, the application can grant you up to 100 coins, which can be exchanged for cades cards on Amazon, iTunes or Google Play.

MapMyFitness : the different application

MapMyFitness distinguishes itself by the fact that it does not reward the efforts with money, but with sports articles. The products you receive as a reward for your efforts come from the leading brand in sports equipment, Under Amour.

MapMyFitness is presented as a complete and intuitive training book. The tracking tool records your daily efforts and then displays your progress on your screen in the form of a graphic.

The application enjoys a great notoriety. There is a community of users whose members live in the four corners of the planet. The platform now has more than 2 billion users.

To share with other users, simply access the MapMyRun Community UA.