• December 29, 2022

4 digital jobs to practice as a freelancer

4 digital professions to practice as a freelancer

The web has become a territory of all possibilities. In this way, it has favored the flowering of a productive, prolific and atypical ecosystem. In particular in terms of skills, job profiles, and offers. Thus, we are witnessing the emergence of different professions that could not have been envisaged before. The exponential explosion of digital opens up a range of possibilities to earn a living from home.

Here are seven promising jobs that offer opportunities for graduates able to adapt to future developments.

The best jobs for a Digital Freelance

Web designer

It is considered a specialist in visual communication. The role of the web designer is to design the identity of a company or an individual. It is also up to him to create his graphic universe.

His field of action varies according to the needs of his client. He can go from the design of a website to that ofa mobile application.

His listening and communication skills allow him to process the orders he receives with creativity. He does not hesitate to show his curiosity to understand, assimilate and translate in an original way the request to be executed.

The web designer’s principle is to provide visual responses that take into account the briefing previously made with his clients. In his process, he works to position the brand, the company or the individual who solicits him, on a visual universe of his own.

Beyond that, it is also specialized in the development of digital communication solutions. He is in fact able to design the interface, architecture, organization of pages and navigation for a website. He or she does so by taking into account specific constraints such as ergonomics, accessibility, fluidity, etc. In order to constantly renew itself, it remains attentive to the new graphic trends of its environment.

Thus, he knows how to mix his creative style with the visual identity of each of his clients.

To become a web designer whose skills will be regularly solicited by high quality clients, it is recommended to get a proper training. This facilitates an efficient transition between the’It is therefore a valuable asset to have in your team, as it is a key factor in the development of your organization’s marketing strategy. Moreover, many schools such as ESCEN anticipate the time and propose today to prepare their students to the jobs of’future.

Web developer

He is above all a of computer languages. The web developer is in charge of bringing to life, making real and effective all the functionalities of a website or an application. In this sense, he strives to analyze the needs of his client based on the specifications that are entrusted to him.

Thus, he is able to propose a tailor-made solution.

It is important to know that the language of the web developer is totally different from the one we use every day. Indeed, its fundamental language is that of computers. While we translate our ideas and thoughts into words, he interprets them into several hundred lines of code so that the computer understands.

It is therefore a job that requires both rigor and a certain concentration. Especially since any error, no matter how small, can lead to countless bugs that are very difficult to correct.

After having familiarized himself with the client’s expectations and following the first technical implementations, the web developer then proceeds to test phases. This allows them to test the functionalities implemented. But also to identify possible flaws that may have crept into his development work.

Only then does he move on to the delivery phase, which does not take place without clarifying the functions and operation of the delivered product. Although he is an expert in computer science, he will try to simplify the understanding and the relationship with his finished product. Generally, he writes technical installation instructions and user guides.

He could also participate in the training of his client and even provide technical support.

When his work is done in a personalized way, he makes the necessary corrections according to the concerns that he receives.

Community manager

It is today one of the most solicited jobs on the web. Notably because the role of the community manager has become crucial. It is therefore a valuable asset to have.

Indeed, he contributes to manage, develop and increase the image of an organization, a company, an association, or a personality on the web. Sometimes, he can be solicited to carry out cleanup and rebranding operations. Generally, its actions are carried out through social networks.

On these platforms, he strives to create and animate communities with which he creates interactions.

Build loyalty among Internet users is precisely one of his most fundamental tasks. Thus, succeeding in identifying the ideal target audience of his customers allows him to. Then, it is for him to federate them around common topics close to the activity of the organization, the company, the association, or the personality he represents. In this process, he must ensure that the exchanges remain dynamic, friendly, subtle, and active at all times. In fact, he does not hesitate to organize special operations (contests, challenges, etc.).), to make them interact and react.

Basically, he is supposed to be good at handling words, as he will be called upon to participate in the writing of content.

Even if he is not seen in an apparent way, he can be considered as the ambassador of his clients. He represents them wherever it may be necessary on the web: sites, blogs, social networks, forums and other external platforms. He makes himself available to be the virtual spokesperson of those they represent.

Either by participating in the dialogue with Internet users, or by effectively moderating the discussions.

He thinks and sets up web actions to make his clients visible, respecting the editorial line and the policy of each. Always at the forefront of new technologies, he has the rudiments and tools necessary to analyze the indicators of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of Internet users. It relies on it to refine its targeting, its communication choices.

Strategically, it does not hesitate to relay to its management the contributions, opinions, remarks and suggestions of the community members.


It is one of the most popular jobs composites of the digital sphere. So much so that its rapid metamorphosis is pushing its professionals in the field to diversify.

First of all, it should be noted that it is not enough to post videos on your YouTube channel to be considered a YouTuber. The approach is more dense. Especially since it fluctuates between writing scripts, recording videos (most often in front of the camera), editing, publishing videos on YouTube or promoting them on various social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook…).

In addition, the activities in which Youtubers are involved also vary according to their specialty. It is possible to find some that are oriented towards gaming, or towards humor, science, news, beauty, tourism, music reviews, etc. This pushes them to do a lot of research, preparation, experiments to illustrate their words, trips and other.

It is only in this way that they manage to feed their channel with qualitative, utilitarian and engaging content.

While at the beginning, most of them were satisfied with the bare minimum due to their limited means, YouTubers who have become professional in this field are now equipped with. Further on, they show versatility in order to be autonomous and productive. Thus, they can take on several responsibilities at the same time: author, producer, cameraman, actor, etc.

Generally, the professional evolution and the profitability of a youtuber often depend on the notoriety he will have. Thus, he ensures his income by using advertising, product placement and partnerships with brands. Failing that, they are also able to create your own brand, and use the loyalty of their community to brand them.