• December 27, 2022

Mobile packages the best offers of the moment

Mobile packages: the best offers of the moment

Mobile packages are constantly evolving and it is sometimes hard to keep up with them’find there. We have compiled for you all the best deals and offers of the moment.

The must-have package for the fall of 2020: RED by SFR

The package that crushes everything in its path at the moment, it’s the best’is the new RED by SFR 80 GB package at 14 €/month. An offer without commitment that will allow you to take advantage of’Unlimited calls to all other operators in metropolitan France and unlimited SMS/MMS to all mobiles in Europe’Hexagon.

In addition, this package accompanies you on all your travels with a possibility of unlimited data transfer’unlimited SMS/MMS and 10 GB of mobile data. On the other hand, the’The 100 GB cloud offer is also included in this package that defies all competition. D’elsewhere, we offer you a promo code Sfr Red of -15 € valid here.

L’The offer does not double its price at the end of the subscription’one year: Sosh by Orange

C’It’s certainly time for you to switch to Sosh. L’The operator, run and managed by Orange, has always been known for offering competitive promotional offers without commitment. Since September, Sosh offers two packages with 60 GB or 100 GB of mobile data with respective prices of 13.99 euros per month and 16.99 euros per month for the 100 GB version.

Of course, these are packages that allow unlimited calls and unlimited SMS / MMS to the EU’Europe and DOM (French overseas departments)’overseas). However, there is a little specificity, these offers are only for new Sosh customers. If you want to travel all over France, it’s certainly the right time for you to switch to Sosh’Europe, you can benefit, by doing the’It is sometimes hard to find the right package for you’the amount of usable mobile data: respectively 8 GB for the first and 15 GB for the second.

An offer without commitment with Free Mobile

In terms of competitiveness of offers, Free Mobile is always among the first. With this brand new package, they offer you 80 GB of mobile data at 13.99 euros per month for one year and 19.99 euros per year thereafter. As with all these competitors, calls are unlimited throughout France to mobiles and landlines as well as in the French overseas departments (excluding Mayotte).

Of course, it’s not all bad’is the same for SMS/MMS.

For any trip within the’In the European Union, your calls and SMS/MMS will remain unlimited. The only thing that will change is your mobile data with 8 GB of data. Moreover, the positive point of this package is undoubtedly the’The access to all the FreeWifi network that you can access (almost) everywhere in the world’Hexagon.