• December 23, 2022

4 myths about digital marketing

4 myths about digital marketing

In an industry that is constantly evolving due to the’With the accelerated technological advancements of the last few years, it is difficult to predict the future’To establish with clarity some phenomena due to the progress of this sector of the Internet’This movement produces that various questions and myths arise on certain activities, digital marketing is not the only one’has not been the’This is the reason why it is normal that some ideas that deserve to be discussed are not accepted’to be analyzed have also arisen.

Myth #1: Businesses need to be more active’a Facebook page

S’While it’s true that Facebook remains the social network par excellence, companies need to keep in mind that it’s not the only one’spirit that people don’Don’t use this page to search for a company, that’They access it to read publications, view and download photos, interact with friends and family, creating a very personal social environment where businesses are not a priority or an indispensable part of this atmosphere.

This does not mean that companies should not open a page on Facebook (or close it), but it is clear that keeping this page very active should not be the priority, as this would mean investing in a new page’s resources in something that is not a part of the project’It is not a priority in the digital marketing campaign as could be the case with the traditional marketing’being its own website.

Myth #2: Email marketing is obsolete

To take this fact for granted would be a serious mistake, especially if the’s resources in something that is not a part of the curriculum’Considering that more people have email accounts than Facebook accounts (in the U.S., 91% of the population has an email account, while only 71% have a Facebook account) and that the number of people with email accounts is growing, it would be a big mistake to take this fact for granted’an email is more effective than’a tweet or a sales promotion message.

However, companies need to understand that email is a very personal thing for each individual, so be careful when using it’They access it to check out publications, view and download photos, interact with friends and family, creating a very personal social environment where companies are not a priority or a necessary part of this atmosphere’user, which, far from being a “free” user, is a “free” user’It is the same with these tools and although it is not the only one to interest the recipient, it can be boring and distant.

Myth #3: A successful social media campaign is one with lots of clicks.

As for the’e-mail marketing, Measured personalization is necessary, personalization in which reaching the right people is the key to success’the main objective of the campaign.

For clarity, if you launch a sales campaign in which 10,000 people clicked on the website, this number would only be good if the people who came to the site the’have done with the’s intention’buy and finalize the transaction, otherwise you just have a lot of clicks that do not pay off.

A campaign that focuses on customizing your strategy to reach the right people in the right way and creating the right environment for the sale to happen will certainly be more effective than a campaign that focuses on the right people’a campaign that tries to entertain everyone.

Myth #4: Traditional marketing is outdated.

S’While it is true that digital marketing is still growing, it is important to remember that it is not just a social network’It’s just a question of intent’a part of’a comprehensive strategy to achieve your goals.

Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages, both must be complemented to join forces and thus effectively reach the largest number of potential consumers, there are various digital tools at low cost and great flexibility and immediacy, these are not compared to the best and oldest form of marketing available, word of mouth.

Always keep in mind the’Think of these techniques as resources at your fingertips that complement each other so you can get what you want. If you apply them with cunning and good judgment, it’s a good idea to keep your page active’is like having a hammer and a screwdriver, they don’t work’If you don’t have an email account, you don’t have any point of comparison’It is not possible to determine what is better or worse because each one performs specific functions of’a specific way, and they fulfill them well. The same is true with these tools, and although they are very effective, they are not always effective’If you want to use the other ones that are available to you, you need to know how to use them to get the best results for you and your projects.