• December 20, 2022

How to create an online store with PrestaShop Euresa System

How to create an online store with PrestaShop ?

PrestaShop claims today more than 300 000 online stores worldwide. Thus, the free CMS actively contributes to the exponential development of the e-commerce sector. This tool is especially appreciated for its practical features and its accessibility.

By the way, the digital solution does not require any advanced technical skills to create an e-commerce site.

The steps to create a PrestaShop online store

The coding has long been a block for project owners wishing to create an e-commerce site. Indeed, the available tools often required to master programming. The most determined entrepreneurs have thus called upon third party developers.

The situation has nevertheless evolved with content management systems like PrestaShop.

You will not need to write lines of code to Create an online store with PrestaShop. You will only need :

  • Download and install the software;
  • Name and customize your online store (theme, logo, graphics…);
  • Select a hosting solution;
  • Configure the platform;
  • Launch your e-commerce site.

These different steps do not require any coding knowledge, but some computer skills. You will also need to sharpen your business sense to make the best strategic choices for your site. Indeed, the features of PrestaShop are especially advantageous for good merchants.

Review the basics, if necessary, to guide your business decisions.

Download and install PrestaShop

You must download and install the client software before creating an e-commerce with PrestaShop. To do this, go to the official platform of the program’s publisher. Open the dedicated section and press Download now. At the end of the download, you should have a ZIP file on your computer.

Your PC must obviously be equipped with WinRAR to recognize and use this format. Then simply unzip and extract the file in the folder of your choice. At this stage, you will need an FTP client to continue the operation. You can find them easily and for free on the web.

Follow the provider’s instructions to download, install and configure the FTP client. Once operational, it will allow you to use the content from the ZIP file. From now on, all you have to do is to connect this client with your hosting platform.

You can then upload the files previously extracted on the server.

Choose the name of your site

The name is an important element, if you decide to create an online store with PrestaShop. It allows you to differentiate yourself, build your image and optimize your digital strategy. Concretely, a long and complex name may harm your URL and your visibility in general.

Your traffic affects your positioning and your commercial performance.

A URL is easier to remember if it is short and understandable. Thus, the Internet users will be able to arrive on your site, knowing only your name. This is a real asset for your natural referencing (SEO). The simpler the URL, the more likely it is to generate traffic.

You can then improve your positioning and increase the number of visitors.

Following the same logic, you will have to choose your domain name from the first phase of creating a site with PrestaShop. This usually requires additional expenses. However, it is a necessary investment.

Indeed, free subdomains are often long and complicated.

Choose your host

You should have no trouble finding a PrestaShop web hosting provider. The actors of the sector propose indeed many offers dedicated to this platform. To choose your hosting solution, stay focused on your needs and objectives.

You will be able to find the best formula for your profile.

The idea is to choose a package that fits your current budget, but can support the development of your business. There are also scalable solutions that can follow the growth of your site. This way, you will only pay for the hosting services necessary for the proper functioning of your store.

Beyond your contact, you will have to choose between dedicated, shared, virtual (VPS) or Cloud hosting. Dedicated servers offer a lot of freedom for customization and expansion, but are more expensive. On the other hand, shared servers are affordable, but restrictive. VPS offer an excellent alternative thanks to their quality, flexibility and price.

Configure the e-commerce site

Because of the simplicity of the operation, even a beginner can configure his PrestaShop e-commerce. This step consists essentially in :

  • Choose, install and activate the theme;
  • Set up the product catalog ;
  • Configure payment systems;
  • Define shipping and delivery terms.

You can eventually add other options with free or paid modules. That said, you will only need to configure the theme, catalog, payment and shipping to get started. On each point, don’t lose sight of the user experience and the desired image for your store.

On the other hand, it is highly recommended to use the ” .csv” to facilitate cataloging. You will be able to quickly download a large quantity of articles. However, pay attention to duplicate IDs to avoid overwriting old products.

Activate your online store

The activation is often ignored when doing a PrestaShop tutorial. This last phase is however essential to be able to sell online. To activate the site:

  • Go to Shop Settings, then to General ;
  • Open the Maintenance tab;
  • Choose the option Yes on the line Activate the store ;
  • Delete the maintenance IP field.

This last point is not mandatory, but recommended. Your site will be able to work, even if you leave the IP in place. It is however preferable to remove it to ensure the optimal functioning of the platform. After this step, you have succeeded in Create an online store with PrestaShop.

Now you can focus on your online business.

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