• December 12, 2022

How to play online safely The Modern Geek

Playing safely online: how to do it ?

Data security should be the main issue to address regarding online games. Whether it’s a video game or an online casino. In addition, hacking has also become a more and more recurrent phenomenon. How to be safe while playing online poker or League of Legends ?

The risks of playing online

You are exposed to many risks when surfing the net. Phishing, for example, is one of the most common methods used by hackers. They send you emails from supposedly official sites that lead you to other platforms.

These require the integration of personal data, which are then recovered by cybercriminals.

Games are also among the main targets of hackers. Indeed, you often have to fill in your bank details. Finally, impersonation and identity theft are not uncommon on the Internet either.

It is then advised never to give your real information to online correspondents.

Protect your personal digital data

For an optimal protection, the ideal is to use a private internet connection, this one being more secure. It is always better to play with a home connection rather than a public one. With a firewall, digital information will be better protected. To connect, you will need the WPA key.

Your data will then be protected against malicious intrusion attempts.

The use of VPN is also a good alternative to protect yourself. These tools are effective in erasing your traces on the Internet, making hacking difficult. However, the use of virtual private networks is not allowed on some casino gaming sites.

Indeed, this makes it difficult to ensure that the players are real.

Ensuring security on sports betting sites

Every year, the sports betting community continues to gain fans. As a result, the number of betting sites is constantly increasing. However, these can present a real danger.

Indeed, it is necessary to enter sensitive data to access the bets.

To find out which are the best and most secure sports betting sites, you can click here. In any case, when making your choice, first check if the site is SSL encrypted. If the link is not locked, it means that data transmissions are not safe from cybercriminals. Also pay attention to the terms and conditions.

You will know more about the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Safer and more secure transactions

On the online casino side, the risks are also high. For this reason, players often have to use real money, and therefore provide bank details. However, the digital protection granted to these platforms is still minimal.

To reassure customers, some casinos have a UKGC or MGA license. These companies ensure maximum security for their customers. SSL encrypted sites allow to encode financial information.

Moreover, this data is kept on external servers for more security.

Some casinos also work with outside companies that are experts in Internet transactions. This considerably reduces the risk of fraud. Players can also use the e-wallet to avoid having to provide their personal financial data.